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Automatic Scrubber Drier

We manufacture Automatic Scrubber Drier to ensure effective cleaning and drying. Our product range includes TASKI Swingo 450 B, TASKI Swingo 1650, TASKI Swingo 750 B, TASKI Swingo XP, TASKI Swingo 2500/3500, TASKI Combimat 300 E, TASKI Swingo 1250 B. These products are of high quality and are known for high performance.

Floor Cleaning Machines

Approx Price : Rs 2.38 Lakh / Piece(s)

Taski swing 450 B shows good results with the help of brush that follows the floor profile. A U-shaped squeegee along with direct solution set up cleans all the dirt from the floor. It is very easy to handle and do cleaning with it at an appreciable pace owing to its dual-axle system. Our Taski has got an intuitive control which minimizes the operator training. The machine is comfortable to use due to its ergonomically designed Dual-axis system and handle which makes its use very simple and non tiring. The recovery tank can be removed easily for cleaning. Machine comes with yellow coded maintenance points; hence it is easy to understand. Compact size, simplicity, versatility of uses in kitchens, schools, offices, hospitals and retail stores make it the first choice of most of the users.

Taski swingo 450 B brings you:

  • Unbeatable cleaning performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple and ergonomic
  • Versatility in application

Technical data:

Theoretical performance 1290 m²/h
Working width 43 cm
Squeegee width 68 cm
Solution tank (nominal) 20i
Recovery tank (nominal) 20i
Nominal consumption 900 w
Rated voltage 24 v
Battery capacity 50 ah/c5
Battery autonomy (nominal) 1. 5 hours
Machine weight ready for use 123 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) (machine only) 1050x480x785 mm
Brush pressure 30 kg
Cable length of integrated battery charger 2. 5 m
Sound level 58 db(a)
Splash water protection ipx3
Electrical protection class tuv, ove

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TASKI-Swingo-450B